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    $39 NZD


    Transform your hobby and manifest the business of your dreams with the Manafest Planner!


    All our planners provide you with a 4-phase system that can help you launch a product from your hobby!

    - Made here in New Zealand

    - Māori owned

    - Sustainably sourced materials


    *Available while stocks last!

  • Is 'Manafest' a typo?

    'Manafest' as we've named the planner is a combination of the words 'Mana' and 'Manifest'. We define Manafest as the manifestation of mana, the enhancement of self-worth through intentional action.


    Launch your business using our 4-phase system.

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    Coming up with ideas is easy. Executing them is where it gets tricky. But with a bit of structure and organization you will be one step closer to having your dream business!



    Are you asking yourself, ‘how do I launch my first product or service?’ ‘where do I start?’


    For many aspiring entrepreneurs - getting your first business launch off the ground is always daunting. Manafest Planner owners, Rusha and Francoise have once walked the same journey and that’s why they created a planner that brings you tools to help you launch a product from your hobby!


    Manafest Planner is a business planner that provides you with tools that can help you launch a product/service from your hobby! Combining clarity, organization and accountability all into one. Manafest Planner takes you through our 4-phase system which we think will provide you with a working structure so you can transform your hobby and manifest the business of your dreams!



    Our 4-phase system (Potential, Formation, Manafestation and Reflection) is not only aimed at bringing you structure, it also encourages self-care, creativity, mindfulness and much more!
    Here's how it's all broken down:


    1. Potential - Discover your fullest potential

    Allow yourself to explore your potential. In this section, you’ll take a deep dive into who you are, what you like and what hobby(s) could potentially be turned into a profitable business.


    2. Formation - Mapping out your product launch

    You will start seeing your ideas coming to life as you form your launch strategy. In this section, there are questions designed to make you think mindfully and critically about who your audience is, what value your product/service can offer and how you can come up with your pricing.


    3. Manafestation - Putting it into action

    As business coach and thought-leader Jennifer Kem says, "Action activates the dream". It’s time to manifest your product/service and launch it! Use this section to track your daily progress, optimize your performance and achieve your goal!


    4. Reflection - Reflect to perfect!
    Just like how reflecting on our mistakes allows us to learn from them, reflecting on your overall launch of your product/service is no different. Throughout using Manafest Planner, you'll be reflecting everyday, every week and every launch! Reflect on your launch to perfect it!