Transform Your Hobby Into a Business

(An opinion post written by Rusha)

I remember when my company (@globalgirl_community) was just a hobby at first. I started off with the idea of making a community for female travelers wanting to support one another on their travel journeys. 

This idea became my hobby. I worked on building this community for hours and hours on end, sometimes working 12 - 16 hours a day. 

I got to a point where I was working so much on it, I was starting to wonder if this is where my time will be focused from now on, and if so, am I going to work on this for free… forever?

Then obviously the scary thoughts started to sink in, “how am I going to sustain myself?”, “how am I meant to make ends meet?”. 

It was at that moment when I started to think, is this something that I could make a living off? Can I transform my hobby into a business? - The quick answer is ‘yes’

The long answer, well…

How does one transform their hobby into a business?

  • For some people it may be an overnight decision, but for others, it may be a decision that could take days, weeks or even years to happen!

First things first, start thinking about your hobby. 

Think about what you enjoy about it, what skills you’ve developed doing it, what you’re good at and really dig deep into the potential that you have with your hobby.

For you to turn your hobby into a business, you really need to know yourself and what you’re passionate about. So this part is crucial!

Once you’ve figured out your hobby and whether it could become a profitable business or not, you want to start thinking about what product or service you can make from this hobby.

Think about the benefits of your product/service. What can it offer people? What value does it bring? How can I price this? (pricing is so important, think very critically about this)

Lot’s to think about huh? I know, I’ve been there before.

And last but not least, you need to set goals, make action plans and start to work on creating your product and bringing it to life! It’s great to make all the right steps to plan things, but to actually put effort into making these plans work will require organisation, clarity and accountability… which is everything that The Manafest Planner can help you with.

What is ‘The Manafest Planner’?

The Manafest Planner is a planner that provides you with tools that can help you to launch a product from a hobby in 28 days! Combining clarity, organisation and accountability all into one. The Manafest Planner takes you through 4 phases in what we think will help you launch a product from a hobby and hopefully inspire you to transform your hobby into a business.

How it works

With our 4 Phase System (Potential, Formation, Manifestation and Reflection) this 28-day planner not only helps you remain organized in your day-to-day, but encourages you to dream big and guides you on how to turn those dreams into manageable action items. Here’s how it’s all broken down:

1. Potential - Discover your fullest potential

  • Allow yourself to explore what is possible for your business - the possibilities are endless! In this part you will take a deep dive into who you are, what you like and what hobby(s) could potentially be turned into a profitable business.

2. Formation - Mapping out your product launch

  • You will start seeing your ideas coming to life as you form your product launch with questions designed to make you think mindfully and critically about who your audience is, what value your product can offer and how to price it effectively.

3. Manafestation - Putting it into action

  • As business coast and thought-leader Jennifer Kem says, “Action activates the dream”. It’s time to manifest your product and launch it! Use this section to track your daily progress, optimize your performance and achieve your goal!

4. Reflection - Reflect to perfect!

  • Just like how reflecting on our mistakes allows us to learn from them, reflecting on your overall launch of your product is no different. Throughout using The Manafest Planner, you'll be reflecting everyday, everyweek, and every launch! Reflect on your launch to perfect it!



With the tools that The Manafest Planner has, it will guide you through the process that can help you transform your hobby into a business.

Don’t just dream about transforming your business, make it happen, one product launch at a time!


Ngā mihi nunui,

Rusha xx